Rochdale Flying Club has two “pit” areas from which to park your vehicle and prepare your model aircraft.

It is vitally important the the first club member on the field for the days flying chooses the correct pit area for the prevailing wind conditions. Which pit should you choose? Ascertain if there is a cross-wind IN FRONT of the pit area, if so this is the pit to use for the day or until the wind conditions change substantially enough to warrant changing areas.
Pit Area #1
Pit Area #2
Use Pit Area #1 when the prevailing wind  is generally East > West or West < East. 
Use Pit Area #2 when the prevailing wind   is generally North > South or South < North 
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IMPORTANT NOTICE Under no circumstances should you allow at any time your model to stray in to any of the no-fly zones, this is a serious breach of both  BMFA & CAA ANO CAP 658 Rules, any member found flouting this will be asked to leave the club.  SEVERE WEATHER CONDITIONS We also ask that members DO NOT FLY when there is a strong South Easterly wind; we have no mandate for a landing approach  over buildings. In a lighter South Easterly you must land “cross wind” and under no circumstances overfly ANYWHERE within our no-  fly zone.  If you are unsure about landing cross-wind then our club instructors will be more than happy to show you the correct approach and  technique to use. Remember, if you are not sure, ASK!   To find out today’s weather conditions and wind direction please click here. 
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